Sterling Camps

Camp sessions available for all level riders.
What a great way to learn about the wonderful world of horses!
Participants in our camps learn more than just how to ride...
all aspects of horsemanship are explored!
Sterling Riding Academy offers students challenging
hands-on programs where young riders can master the basics of
horsemanship, learn unmounted skills and develop skill in the saddle.  
All camp programs provide the opportunity for your child to develop
fundamental skills on and around horses, meet lots of horses and
make new friends. Ages 6 and up

Beginner Camp
For the horse crazy kid in all of us!
Riders will learn how to properly and safely mount and dismount,
ride at the walk, navigate obstacles and begin to trot!

Progressive Camp
Progressive riders have mastered steering at the walk and trot.
They can start, stop and steer independently,
are learning posting diagonals and are ready for canter work.
Riders will begin grid work and introductory dressage.

Intermediate camp
Intermediate riders are confident riding at the walk, trot, and canter.
The intermediate rider  knows posting diagonals, canter leads and can
prepare their own horse for a lesson.
Jumping and dressage work will be explored.

Apprentice/Mentor Program
Learn confidence and leadership while improving your equestrian skills!
Participants will be in charge of small groups of campers helping them to
learn about the world of horses around them. In the afternoon participants
receive a mounted riding lesson. Must be 13 or older to enroll,
instructor approval is required*.

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Sterling Camps

Camp Sessions are
offered for:
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